Are you an entrepreneur that’s struggling to reach the sales results you need? You aren’t alone.

Many entrepreneurs struggle to generate consistent sales results for their business. In fact, it’s more common that not. So why exactly is that the case? It’s actually pretty simple. The bottom-line is this: For many entrepreneurs and businesses, they lose focus on the sales effort. You see, your best sales momentum will come from being extremely focused on the sales effort and all that it involves.

For every business to be most successful, there needs to be someone that is solely focused on sales and sales results. I’m talking about someone who is laser-focused on the sales effort. They need breathe, eat and sleep sales for their organization and know exactly what’s going on with every opportunity. They need to OWN responsibility for sales results and take that ownership seriously, because the life of the business may very well depend on it.

Now, I’m not saying that businesses will fail without that. Some businesses are able to navigate their way through the issue and achieve success. Just not many of them can. So why do entrepreneurs particularly struggle with this? Entrepreneurs have an issue with this because of the many hats that they wear in launching and growing their business. They are managing much more than just sales, and as a result, sales production and efficiency drops off. In many cases, the entrepreneur is not particularly skilled in professional selling. Many think that their other attributes, such as their passion and expertise in a different core skill-set, will make up the difference. For the vast majority, it simply won’t.

So as an entrepreneur, how do you correct this problem and achieve true and lasting sales momentum? Here are a few important steps:

1) Develop your own personal sales abilities: You need to train yourself and work with others to become a better sales person. To achieve your best results and increase the time-table, hire a professional sales coach to accelerate your growth.

2) Get someone in your organization to be solely focused on SALES! This is an important step. Even if you as an entrepreneur greatly improve your own sales abilities, which I still suggest you do, you will still be pulled in many different directions. Until you get someone in your organization to be solely responsible and own sales results in your business, you will fail to reach your highest capabilities.

3) Engage outside perspectives to evaluate your sales organization, or lack of one: Sometimes the hardest things to see are those right in front of us. For entrepreneurs, it’s sometimes difficult to see all that could be improved in a business because they are immersed in the middle of it.

If you are struggling with any of the issues referenced in this article, we can certainly help. The Sales Activist was created to be a single-source resource for entrepreneurs and owners looking to improve sales results in their businesses. To find out how to improve sales results in your business and generate true sales momentum, contact us and schedule a FREE IMPACT Sales Strategy Session.

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I took Joe up on his offer for a free strategy session and was blown away by the impact I can make on business just in that short phone call! I have collaborated with several coaches throughout my career and Joe’s insights, direction, and feedback were exponentially more valuable. His commitment to adding value for his clients and not selling himself was immediately apparent. I appreciate his respectful candor and clear tactics, not just giving me an ego boost and fluffy ideas. I can’t wait to see the long-term impact Joe has on my business! Thank you!!

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