What do you do when passion and expertise aren’t enough?

Starting, operating and growing a thriving business isn’t easy. For most people, it starts with a passion to leverage their expertise into something bigger. It starts with a vision. When that vision becomes a reality, the next step is to sell that vision to an ever-increasing group of people. That’s exactly where many entrepreneurs hit a wall. You see, having passion and expertise in something does NOT mean that you are best-equipped to SELL it to others. In fact, for many people, it’s exactly the opposite.

At the beginning, for most entrepreneurs, they are forced to wear many hats. That includes selling for their business. The problem is, for many of them, selling is far from their biggest strength. So how can they grow sales in their business if they are not great in sales?

Here are some basic tips:

1) Focus all communications with clients around the VALUE of what you offer and the benefit it provides them. This should happen on every call, in every email and on every face-to-face meeting. Make it about value. One of the most impactful questions you could ask is “what would that mean to you?” or “why is that important to you?” These questions get to core of the value to the client.

2) Always listen to understand your clients needs. Hear what they say, but most importantly, find out why they feel that way so you truly understand. Don’t assume anything. If you aren’t sure, ask what they mean. You can never understand too much about your client, so don’t be afraid to ask clarifying questions.

3) Make selling all about what they get, not what you get. The very best sales professionals understand this and never let their need for new business overshadow the need to provide value and benefit to their clients.

4) Get committed to self-development! Sales is no different than other skills. To perfect your craft, you have to work on your craft! Reading a book or listening to a single podcast or video isn’t going to do it! Would a pro athlete perfect their skills by simply reading a book? Of course not and neither would you. It’s an on-going process that never ends.

Most importantly, if you are serious about accelerating your sales results and performance,

5) Hire a professional, expert coach! For the same reason that people would hire you for your particular passion or expertise at what you do, you should hire a professional, expert sales coach to help you perfect your craft as a sale professional.

If you are ready to take your sales to the next level and want to accelerate the process, contact The Sales Activist to discuss exactly what is going on with sales in your business and to find out what can be done to help create explosive sales success.

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Sometimes your passion and expertise isn’t enough. We can give you the help you need!

Happy Selling!