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B2B IMPACT Sales Mastery Program


The B2B IMPACT Sales Mastery Group Program is a foundational training that provides an entrepreneur or sales executive the key essentials necessary for sales success. This is a 90-day, remote training experience held via ZOOM video conferencing, designed to give the participants a convenient, shared learning experience. Each energetic, LIVE weekly session is 90 minutes of interactive, instructor-led training. Each week, each participant in the Group program will also have a personal, 1:1 accountability call with their instructor to provide additional coaching and direction based on the participants weekly results.

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B2B Executive Sales Mastery (1-on-1) with the Sales Activist

B2B Executive Sales Mastery


The B2B Executive Sales Mastery 1-on-1 Program is a high-level, personalized coaching program designed to provide an entrepreneur or sales executive personalized coaching based on the specific needs of their business. This is a FULL YEAR PROGRAM that provides the participant 1 full, in-person “deep-dive” day with their coach each month, along with weekly accountability calls and a personalized sales business plan designed to yield dramatic, measurable results for the participant.

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Sales & Marketing Annex Program

Are you struggling with SALES in your business? Are you and expert or master in your field or have an amazing offering but are struggling to turn it into consistent sales revenue for your company? Would you rather have someone else take control of your sales effort and generate new revenue for your company? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this program may be for you!

Simply put: YOU run your company and WE run your sales department for you! Find out if you qualify by scheduling an interview with us!

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Strategic Sales Consulting

Our Strategic Sales Consulting Services are designed for business owners that have identified specific sales-related issues inside their organization that require particular skill-sets to resolve. These services may include, but are not limited to: Sales Recruiting, Sales Training, Sales Organization Development, Strategic Sales Partnerships, Strategic Selling and all aspects of Strategic Sales Advisory. We use our expertise and experience to actively address all sales issues and generate positive sales momentum.

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