Stop thinking or acting like you are too small to WIN. You are NOT the underdog!

Most people are familiar with the story of David and Goliath. If you were to survey people about the story, most people feel that David was the greatest underdog in history. The ironic thing is, David really wasn’t the underdog. David was actually better equipped to win than Goliath.

Let me explain what I mean. There is significant evidence to support the position that David would actually be favored to win. Bear with me for a few minutes and I will explain how it relates to your sales success.

Most people know that Goliath was a giant and was well-equipped with armor and weapons. He was very large, but moved very slowly. Many experts agree that he also had issues with his sight, so he was slow to recognize and respond. In my sales comparison, he represents large business.

David was a young shepherd. He wore no armor, carried no sword or spear. All he had was a staff, 5 stones and a sling. He represents small business.

You see, David was actually the favorite in this fight, although most people didn’t realize it. When Goliath called on King Saul to send his greatest warrior, nobody would agree to fight Goliath. When David agreed, everyone assumed he would fight on Goliath’s terms. That was their fatal error. In fact, David’s plan all along was to fight Goliath on HIS terms. You see, most people don’t realize this, but the standard “artillery” of that day were archers and “slingers.” As a shepherd, David spent his life protecting his flock with his sling. He was a EXPERT at it’s use. Many experts feel that using a sling, along with the stones found in that area, would have given David a weapon with the stopping power of a .45 caliber handgun.

Changes things a bit when you think of who the actual favorite was, doesn’t it?

So how does this relate to sales and your business? Here are some basic thoughts to consider:

1) Fight on YOUR terms in a way that maximizes YOUR greatest strengths.

2) Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many “weapons!” Focus on your greatest weapons and master them. Be more nimble and agile than your larger competitors!

3) Be an EXPERT at what you do and an EXPERT at selling it! This is where many entrepreneurs fail. They are a creative visionary and functional expert on their product or offering, but selling it isn’t their strength. See, that would be like fighting Goliath weighed down by armor that you aren’t comfortable with and slow you down. It’s best to train yourself and sharpen your skills or choose who can fight that battle better.

The bottom-line is you either become “David” for your business or you need to find your own “giant-killer.” You can win the battle either way.

If you are looking to become a sales “David” and want be beat the giants in your business, feel free to reach out to me to discuss how we can help. If you aren’t sure where you stand, contact me at and we can schedule a complimentary IMPACT SALES Strategy session.

Happy “Slinging!”