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IMPACT Sales Success NOW!

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Are you or your business struggling with sales? What would your business, and your life for that matter, look like if you could increase your sales by 50%, 100% or even 150%? My name is Joe Beck and I am the Founder of The Sales Activist. The Sales Activist is dedicated to helping business owners and sales professionals dramatically IMPACT their sales performance and increase results by as much as 50%, 100% or even 150% over their current performance!


As a 30 year sales veteran with tens of thousands of LIVE sales interactions under his belt, as well as hundreds of LIVE speaking engagements delivered, I’ve tapped into my extensive experience to compose three “signature” presentations on professional selling. They include real life, practical experiences to educate and motivate those listening. Most importantly: They include actionable direction that professionals can use to make an immediate impact on their current performance. These presentations are designed to inform, educate, inspire AND motivate professionals to view their sales efforts in a new, fresh way and to help lead them to true, break-out sales success. In addition to my signature presentations, I can also speak on the subjects of Leadership, Overcoming Adversity and Personal Branding.


Above is a video of Joe Beck Speaking at The Forum CoWork Business Building and Event Center Ted Style Talk Event.  In this video he covers 3 simple questions you should ask if you want to be of value to others.